Text: I Timothy 4:12-16
The Church has been and is being anointed to handle the spirit of anti-Christ already released against the church. The Church has the answer for whatever agenda the kingdom of darkness has against the Church. However, the Church may never access that anointing unless we obey the instruction on the Supreme Task- Evangelism.
The Church that does not seek the lost is lost itself. An individual that does not seek the lost is lost also. Evangelism should be the topmost priority for every Christian. Every Christian is a missionary and every unbeliever is a mission field therefore, we have no excuse not to evangelize.
For a Church or an individual to be effective in evangelism you need the ministry of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit makes the truth of the gospel come alive. (Acts 16:6-10) , (Acts 8:26,29)

  1. Conviction : The Holy Spirit is specifically given to convict the hearer of sin. (John 16:7-11) Part of the blindness of sin is that sinners never see their sin as serious. They make excuses for it, laugh it off, consider it a minor issue. The more they are pressed about it, the more they tend to respond with humour or with anger and defensiveness. (2 Corinthians 4:4)
    Unsaved people must see themselves as under a curse from GOD , as guilty and in danger of hellfire and since repentance from sin is required for salvation, the sinner who is not convicted of personal sin cannot be saved. In this case, no word on the part of the evangelist can save them.
    No matter how much we may try to warn and persuade the sinner to flee the wrath to come he will not heed it. This is solely the work of the Holy Spirit and He is able to do it. Without this work of conviction, no one would ever be saved. A good example of the Spirit’s convicting work is seen in (Acts 2:37) The evangelist cannot reach the heart but the Spirit does . Once the hearer is convinced that he/she is a sinner under the judgement of GOD, the heart cries out for a Saviour.
  2. Illumination: The Scriptures make it clear that only faith in Christ Jesus saves and that saving faith comes only by hearing the word of GOD. (Romans 10:17)( 2 Corinthians 4:6) (John 1:4-5)
    This light shines in our hearts. This is illumination of the Spirit. The Spirit gives the light of the knowledge of the glory of GOD . In other words, the Spirit makes Christ appear glorious, desirable. Before that illumination Christ was none of those things to the hearer. The Spirit makes the truth of the gospel come alive with compelling force.
  3. Orchestration: Daniel 4:17b The Holy Spirit shows His sovereignty over our daily lives by orchestrating witnessing opportunities in amazing ways. He prepares the hearer by leading him or her through specific experiences which till and fertilize their hearts for the word they are about to receive. The Holy Spirit can orchestrate everything about the unbeliever on a particular day and a particular place. They may hear something on the radio, or just had the worst day on their job. On the sick bed, on the road, on a bus etc. The Holy Spirit has been working on the heart of the unbeliever since they were born, orchestrating events for that moment of faith on Christ. The Spirit specifically picks the evangelist and the words the evangelist will use. Everything seems to click into place but it is not an accident.No. Its the Spirit’s orchestration.
    An example of this is seen in Acts 8:26-39


  1. By a life of purity, holiness and right-standing with GOD. 1 Corinthians 6:15-20, 2 Corinthians 6:17, 1 Corinthians 15:34
  2. The fellowship of the Spirit: We know how to pray a lot but many of us don’t know how to fellowship and minister to the Holy Spirit. Acts 13:2- We minister to Him through songs of worship, words of adoration, singing songs of live to Him.
  3. By fasting and prayer. Acts 13:3
  4. By studying the Word. John 16:13
    From the desk of Pastor Favour Daniels

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