Text: Esther 4:16, Luke 18:1-7
Esther and Mordecai realized that to save their people , Esther would have to go before the king and plead for them. This was a dangerous thing to do because no one was to go before the king without being called. Esther asked that her people fast and pray for three days for her.

The strongest force on earth is the force of prayer.
The potency of prayer cannot be compared with anything that has power both in this realm and in the spirit realm.
Prayer takes you to a spiritual atmosphere for spiritual configuration and installation.
Prayer is a place of transfiguration and metamorphosis. Matthew 17
Prayer is the blacksmith of the furnace of fire where iron and ore are melted.
Prayer is a spiritual incubator for curing spiritual immaturity.
Prayer is where men and women of prayer are cooked and burnt.
Prayer is breathing in God’s nature and His abilities (oxygen) and breathing out human nature and his inabilities. (carbon dioxide)
A princess is a female member of a royal family.
A princess is a woman or a girl who excels in a given field or class.
A princess is a female ruler or monarch
A princess is the wife of a prince. She is a female ruler of a principality.
Therefore it is important to understand that no king or queen is crowned if he/she is not first trained and raised as a fighter, as a warrior. It is an honour to crown and have a king, a queen, a ruler who is a warrior. It depicts that region or nation headed by a ruler who is a warrior as guarded and safe and peradventure, if at anytime there is an intruder or unwanted interference from without, their king or queen is not a babe or immature in the matter of warfare.
Therefore, not every woman is qualified to be termed a warrior princess if she cannot fight and conquer. By fighting, I do not mean the use of fists. I mean the power to break satanic yokes, the power to subdue the enemy of our homes. Bible women were great fighters via prayers. I will show you the attributes, qualities and characteristics of a Warrior Princess as exhibited by Bible women. They are our role models.

  1. Warrior Princesses are Preservers Jeremiah 9:11-20: A decree had been passed by GOD Almighty Himself to make Jerusalem a heap of ruins, a haunt of jackals, to lay the towns of Judah waste. The LORD would scatter them in His anger among nations. They would eat bitter food and drink poisoned water. Same GOD gave remedy for His plague. He said call women- skillful, trained to weep , to wail before me. Wait. Why would GOD pass a decree and say only wailing women can stop me, can restrict me from what I am about to do?
    Because GOD knows the mysteries shrouded in a woman. Unfortunately, many women have not discovered themselves. Dag Heward-Mills said that many women are going to stand before GOD to give account of ministry and assignments they never did fulfill or accomplish. One of the reasons is because they do not know who they are. They don’t know their place in GOD and don’t know their calling.
    (a) A woman is a gate in the realm of the spirit via which all humans come. This is a mystery that can never be fathomed by the human mind.
    (b) A woman is the last born of God’s creation. So when we pray as the last born, he hears us. Many married women can tell that there is this special bond between a father and his daughter how much more a King and His princess. Therefore whatever she asks her father the king, she receives.
    God said, call for my princesses who have been trained as warriors to pray and weep before me, they alone can touch my heart and avert my judgement. You can reverse that satanic decree against your marriage, husband, children etc.
    Warrior Princesses are women of prayers . Warrior Princesses do not nag, complain and murmur. NO. They channel the strength to nag and complain into prayer. They war with their knees. That’s why we are called woman- womb man.
    We have the ability to preserve. We can preserve nations. We can preserve societies. We can preserve marriage. We can preserve children.
    If your husband is unfaithful, no need to nag. Fight the spirit of immorality
    If your children are stubborn and rebellious, fight the spirit of end-time.
    If you are finding it difficult to marry, fight the spirit of singlehood.
    If every member of your family is useless, fight the spirit of waster.
    We wrestle not against flesh and blood….Our fight is not carnal….
  2. Warrior Princesses Break Protocol:Esther 1:12 -15 said that according to the law, Vashti must obey the king’s command but she defaulted . So a royal decree was issued against her for her to be dethroned and another enthroned. Many have lost their positions, marriage, relationships, businesses, opportunities just because of flimsy excuses. There are people, women who broke and are breaking royal decrees or laws and nothing happened. Daniel broke royal law and got away with it. No harm. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego broke royal law. No harm. These are men of prayer.
    Esther knew that if GOD did it for Daniel, He will do it for her. When it came to her turn, she went into fasting and prayers to save her people knowing that it is dangerous to go before the king without being called. (Esther 4:16)
    Women of prayer are Warrior Princesses. They break protocol in the realm of the spirit via prayers on earth. They are not restricted by any laid- down rules. So for Esther , instead of death, she obtained favour and a promise that her request will be granted even to the half of the kingdom.
  3. Warrior Princesses are Killers and when they kill there is no arrest: This is because they kill with their knees .In Judges 4, Barak was supposed to lead the army of Israel to war against the army of Jabin king of Canaan led by Sisera but Barak insisted that unless Deborah went with him, he wouldn’t go. He needed the backing of this bold and courageous warrior, Princess Deborah.
    When the battle began, their enemies were killed except their captain Sisera who escaped. Unfortunately for Sisera , he fell into the hands of another woman , Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite. Sisera thought he had found a place of refuge in Jael’s tent. While he slept , Jael nailed his head to the ground right in her tent according as it had been ordained by GOD.
    One thing I know about women whether spiritual or carnal, positive or negative is that they are killers. Women like Jezebel, Potiphar’s wife, Delilah are killers of positive destiny while women like Deborah, Esther and Jael are killers of negative destiny.They spare no enemy. By the time Esther finished with Haman in fasting and prayer, Haman was hanged on the same gallows he made for Mordecai.
  4. Warrior Princesses are Women of God: This is exemplified by the life of Deborah and Huldah the prophetess. ( 2 Chronicles 34:22) Deborahs are women who God is recruiting into his end-time army who are fearless even in the face of battle. They are Warrior Princesses who the LORD is raising to be sent into the political and administrative sectors. They are being sent into the Church as warrior worshippers, warrior prophetesses.
    Their spiritual tenacity and tireless militarian nature threatens the kingdom of darkness. (Genesis 3:15)
    They are the voice of GOD, they are fighters, they are direction -pointers, they are role models wherever they find themselves, they are GOD’S Warrior Princesses!

From the desk of Pastor Favour Daniels.

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